Past Features

August 15, 2016

Chronicle's Trump wall
issues -- from whole cloth

Story in suggests Arizona Slaughter Ranch would stop construction of Trump's border wall. This ranch is in a smuggling corridor.
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
Dumb and dumber recently ran a feature about silliness in a Houston Chronicle piece that suggested that cultural and environmental barriers would stop the construction of Trump's border wall.
    We pointed out that the park in Mexico that thought was such a problem was next to the Del Rio Port of Entry that already had a fence and Trump's wall could be added easily.
   Today we point out one of the other "problems" that pointed to --- the Slaughter Ranch in Arizona.
    Slaughter Ranch sits on a major drug smuggling corridor. Ranch Rob Krentz was murdered by a suspected illegal alien near here.
    The Roosevelt Reservation runs along the border where Trump's wall could be built easily --- with a negative environmental declaration.
    The "slipstream media" really slipped up this time.