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August 17, 2016

Could SEIDARM do facial recognition?
2015 SEIDARM/IDENTICOPTER test. -- See video....
American Border Patrol
Could this be done?
    A new border security system can not only detect people crossing the border, it might be able to tell you who they are!.
    New electric drones have incredible capability to take high resolution videos from the air.
    They can be maneuvered with precision. The problem is endurance. They can fly for only about 20 minutes.
    SEIDARM is a border security system that can detect humans approaching the border. It is comprised of five-mile segments that operate independently. By placing drones at the center of each segment, the maximum range would be 2.5 miles.
    Small electric drones can fly 2.5 miles in 2.1 minutes. SEIDARM can detect humans at more than 600 feet. A SEIDARM drone could to be in position to see intruders before they cross!
    SEIDARM drones, or IDENTICOPTERS, would be in silos, launched on warning. They would fly an automated search pattern and send video of intruders. It would be possible for remote operators to take control and zoom in - close enough to do facial recognition!
    Launch and landing would be automatic. Upon return, IDENTICOPTERS would recharge their batteries using solar power.
    These IDENTICOPTERS will be able to fly in conditions that would ground manned aircraft and blind border cameras.
    Could this be done? Yes, it is feasible.