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August 18, 2016

Plans for a Wall
What will it finally be?
Kevin Drum -- Mother Jones
Donald Trump Has Killed Off Support for a Border Wall
In CBS/New York Times polls, public support for “building a wall along the US-Mexico border to try to stop illegal immigration” also dropped....The results from the RAND Corp's Presidential Election Panel Survey (PEPS) are even more telling.... The PEPS data reveal who was particularly likely to shift to opposing the border wall: people who did not like Trump in 2015.
....It appears, then, that Trump's strong support for the border wall has made this policy considerably less popular with the American public.
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
Improving the design of Donald's Wall
    Last summer the Washington Post featured a photo of me flying an airplane along the border with the words “GO TRUMP” on the bottom wing. The reporter, David Weigel, had visited my ranch two years earlier.
David Weigel -- Slate -- May 6, 2013
Right-wing defenders of America's southern border aren't giving an inch. And their high-tech gadgets are part of almost everyone's solution.
I sent reporter Weigel a copy of the photo of my flying the airplane over the border, and he wrote this.
How Donald Trump's name wound up on a plane flying over the Mexican border
David Weigel -- Washington Post -- August 25, 2015
  Last month, Spencer appeared on former Arizona Rep. J.D. Hayworth's NewsMax show and invited Trump to personally watch the test of his new triple-threat radar/sonar/seismic detection tech, designed to catch anything unusual crossing the border. It could supplement the border fence that obviously, also, needed to be built.
    "Those that will come can see firsthand the type of technology that is needed to see if the border is secure," said Spencer.
    Trump could not make it, but according to Spencer, he assigned someone to watch. That inspired Spencer to paint the plane used to test the technology: "GO TRUMP." Trump's aide failed to show, but Spencer's enthusiasm was undimmed. His SEIDARM was detecting movement 500 feet across the border.
    The Trump organization repeated plans see SEIDARM in action, but this never materialized. I have heard rumors that they have been very busy.
  Mr. Trump, I hope your campaign will find the time to come to the border and find out how you can improve your wall design --- and prove that it works.