Past Features

August 20, 2016

SEIDARM Aids US Border Patrol
Detection and Direction
Screen grab from YouTube video shows five suspects -- one apparently injured. See video...
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
Smart Border Security at Work
    Half the battle in stopping drug smuggling is knowing where to look for smugglers.
    Most of the technology used by the US Border Patrol is impaired without that knowledge.
    We have more than one billion dollars invested in border cameras --- in Arizona alone, but for the most part they have limited utility.
    Why? Because they are not good at detecting targets --- only identifying them once they know where to look. The same applies to drones.
    SEIDARM solves that problem.
    In a recent incident, SEIDARM detected and located a suspect. It also the detected and located US Border Patrol agents who were following up on the SEIDARM alarm.
    SEIDARM then detected and tracked five suspects and they headed south --- a few hundred feet from nearby BP agents.
    If you watch this video (taken after sunset) and you understand the complex problem of border security, you will immediately appreciate the value of SEIDARM.
    SEIDARM is for smart people.
    The typical, knuckle-dragging, thrill-seeking YouTube spectator won't have a clue as to the value of SEIDARM.