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August 21, 2016

Brazil taking a shot at US?
TV crew visits Mexican border compound of "hate group"
Globo International TV crew at the Mexican border. Producer, Gian Luigi Sofio, is shown at right. Photo by Glenn Spencer.
American Patrol Report
Hit Piece Gone Bad?
    In a possible attempt to embarrass the U.S. as the Olympics draw to a close, last Friday a Brazilian TV crew visited the border compound of a group, American Border Patrol, the Southern Poverty Law Center has listed as a "hate group."
    The TV crew from Globo International, one of the largest media companies in the world, spent a number of hours interviewing Glenn Spencer, head of the so-called "hate group."
    According to some observers, this move by Globo may be an attempt at a "slap in the face" of America, since U.S. media have refused to mention Spencer.
    While some foreign outlets have flown along the border with him, with one rare exception, for the past eight years, U.S. media have totally avoided Spencer and his group. This includes Fox News, Spencer said.
    Politicians with the slightest link to Spencer have been attacked in the media. ("Lawmaker supports giving tax dollars to alleged hate leader" --- --- March 11, 2014)
    During the visit, Spencer took the TV crew on a tour of his ranch, including the "Flags Along the Border" project, Spencer said the Globo crew seemed impressed seeing more than 70,000 flags sent in by citizens that made up the banners. According to Spencer, the cameraman spent an inordinate amount of time taping the banners.
    Globo was then taken the ABP's shop where they were shown the SEIDARM border security system, including this test video.
    At one point an ABP employee demonstrated how a SEIDARM "pod" is buried in the ground.
    The crew also taped Spencer demonstrating the use of ABP's Operation BEEF online border fence map system.
    According to Spencer, as the morning wore on, the Globo crew seemed more and more stunned at what they were seeing. "I'm not sure what Globo will do with this footage, if they use it at all," Spencer said, "What may have been intended to be a hit piece may turn out differently."
    Spencer said Globo promised to send him a link to the story.
PS: The MSM better hope this is a hit piece, otherwise their years-long scheme to use SPLC attacks on Spencer to avoid telling the truth about the border might be exposed --- big time.