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August 27, 2016

Rewriting History
Mother Jones Ignores a Courageous Citizen
Muriel Watson interviewed by Glenn Spencer on the border near San Diego.
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Mother Jones
Basically, Donald Trump's Border Wall Already Exists
You'll never guess who built it.  
 ....Twenty-one years before Trump's wall-building promise (and seven years before the 9/11 attacks), the US Army Corps of Engineers began to replace the chain link fence that separated Nogales, Sonora (in Mexico) from Nogales, Arizona, with a wall built of rusty landing mats from the Vietnam and Persian Gulf wars. [...]
    In 1994, the perceived threat wasn't terrorism. In part, the call for more hardened, militarized borders came in response, among other things, to a never-ending drug war. It also came from US officials who anticipated the displacement of millions of Mexicans after the implementation of the new North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which, ironically, was aimed at eliminating barriers to trade and investment across North America.

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
Muriel Watson Built the Border Fence
    Mother Jones tells us that, responding to the drug war and possible problems resulting from NAFTA, in 1994 the Army Corps of Engineers began erecting a border fence of landing mats.
    What MJ fails to mention is that the entire movement to strengthen border security was the direct outcome of a project called Light Up the Border, started by Muriel Watson. (See L.A. Times, August 24, 1990)
    Beginning in 1989, Muriel's courageous band of citizens lined their cars up pointing at the border near San Diego. Once a month, just after dark, they turned their headlights on.
    At one point Muriel's group had fifteen hundred cars lighting up the border.
    The media couldn't ignore Muriel --- and neither could the politicians --- so it wasn't long before a wall of rusty landing mats began popping up.
    But Muriel wasn't finished. Her dogged work led to the construction of a double-layered fence.
    Muriel is no longer with us, but part of her remains in a video interview I did with her sixteen years ago.
    If you take the time to watch this four-minute interview you will understand just how outrageous it was for Mother Jones to ignore the courage and determination of an American who wanted her border secure. Such love of country does not fit well within the liberal agenda of globalism, however.
    Mother Jones says: “You'll never guess who built it”. The guessing is over --- Muriel Watson built the border fence.