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August 28, 2016

The Wall Got Their Attention
Now he needs their vote
Trump's border wall plan is unrealistic and useless, experts say
 Even as Donald Trump vacillates between toning down his harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric and reaching out to minorities, he remains unshakable on one central campaign promise: building a wall on America's southern border with Mexico. [...]
    A 40-foot concrete wall using a "post and panel" system sunk 10 feet below ground would cost at least $26 billion, according to the Texan wall expert Todd Sternfeld. [...]
    The Rio Grande River, which forms the border between Mexico and Texas, presents another major obstacle. [...]
    In the vast American South, border areas are often private property. Securing the land for a wall would require multiple expropriation procedures and legal headaches.

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
Time to Get Real
    The DHS built “fencing” on the border, but a person can walk right through much of it.
    One cannot walk through a wall --- people understand that --- that's why Donald Trump says he is going to build a “wall”. Donald has their attention and support and it is now time to get specific.
    Trump should not build a wall --- he should build a fence --- a double-layered fence --- similar to the one Sen. Obama voted for in the Secure Fence Act --- only better.
    In Texas, he should build his fence on top of the Rio Grande levee --- just as DHS was doing before construction was halted.
    Remote areas of Texas such as the Big Bend National Park can be protected with the aid of advanced technology.
    In New Mexico, Arizona and California there is a sixty-foot strip along the border called the Roosevelt Reservation.
    Trump can design his new fence to fit within this strip.
    Finally, Trump should set a goal of no more than 20,000 gotaways --- people who get past the US Border Patrol on the Mexican border.
    Donald Trump has gotten the people's support for border security, now --- to get their vote --- he has to get real.