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September 8, 2016

DHS - Department of Homeland Suppression?
Inventor demands investigation

For two years, Northrop Grumman was actively involved in evaluating Glenn Spencer's technology.
American Patrol Report   
SEIDARM and Northrop Grumman
(Note: Glenn Spencer reports that he has extensive documentation to support this story)
     According to Glenn Spencer, holder of a patent for a new border security system, Northrop Grumman Corporation (NGC) was about to discuss a partnership with him when they suddenly broke off all contact. Spencer said he was to meet with NGC management at a border security expo in Phoenix in April of 2015, but at the very moment the meeting, planned for some weeks, was about to take place NGC management people "disappeared" with no explanation.
    According to Spencer, his relationship with NGC started on February 25, 2013, when the company announced that his technology won an internal Grass Roots Innovation competition NGC held to find new ideas.
    For the next two years, Spencer reports, he and his technical team worked closely with NGC engineers to test and evaluate his technology, including visits to his border ranch to test the system.
    "I was excited about working with Northrop Grumman and we made great strides in improving the technology during our work together," Spencer said,"and so were they," he added. "in fact, I came up with the name SEIDARM during an exchange of emails with an NGC engineer," Spencer reports. According to Spencer, NGC provided no funding to his organization during this period.
    Spencer said he is bothered by the fact that Mark Borkowski, head of technology for CBP, was at the border expo and met with NGC people. "I think Borkowski looked on SEIDARM as a threat to the ability of DHS to avoid border accountability," Spencer said.
    Spencer is calling for a congressional investigation of the role of Borkowski in the termination of NGC's work with his organization.
    "Has the corruption of the Department Homeland Security reached a point where it is a clear and present danger to the security of the nation?" Spencer asked.