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September 27, 2016

Norwegian -- good wood.
NRK TV is fair and accurate

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol    
Paving the way for the Donald?
    Last summer I invited every presidential campaign to come to the border for a demonstration of SEIDARM, technology that can help solve the border problem. One campaign, Trump for President, responded positively.
    I got so excited I had GO TRUMP painted on the bottom of my airplane to show my appreciation. The Trump campaign had to cancel at the last minute, but I flew the airplane during the demonstration anyway. A photo of me and the GO TRUMP airplane ended up on the front page of the Washington Post.
    I even got a thank you note from Mr. Trump.
    Despite e-mails promising a visit, it never happened. I know why --- I have been placed off-limits by the establishment and Trump saw no gain in asking for a fight. I understand that.
    The time is approaching, however, when Mr. Trump needs to get very specific about the border and, without knowledge of SEIDARM, it could turn out to be an embarrassment for him.
    The visit by Norwegian TV may have helped that happen.
    Turns out I am not the monster that the SPLC paints me out to be. And, NRK TV reported to its viewers that SEIDARM works!
    In the next few days another European news organization will be visiting me. If they tell the real story, maybe Donald will find the courage to go up against the dreaded mainstream media and come down for a lesson in border security.