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September 30, 2016

Trump: A wall or a
separation barrier?

Left: Trump meets Netanyahu -- Right: Barrier separating Israel and Egypt

London Guardian    
Donald Trump links Mexico border wall plan to Israel's 'successful' separation barrier
    Republican’s campaign highlights lengthy discussion between Trump and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu on securing borders
    Donald Trump attempted to draw parallels between Israel’s separation barrier and his much-touted border wall pledge on Sunday after both presidential nominees met the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.
    In Trump’s hour-long meeting with Netanyahu at his Trump Tower penthouse, the two reportedly discussed “at length Israel’s successful experience with a security fence that helped secure its borders”, according to the Trump campaign.
    Israel’s separation barrier, which runs for 440 miles (700km) near or along the 1949 armistice lines set after Israel’s war for independence, is a fence of most of its length. In contrast, Trump has pledged to build a wall of concrete and rebar as high as 55 feet (17 metres) along the nearly 2,000 mile border between the US and Mexico.

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
Can We Talk?
    Donald Trump is good salesman. He understands people. People understand what a wall does --- they are not so sure about a fence.
    The people want illegal immigration and drug smuggling stopped, so he told them he would build a wall on the border with Mexico. They understand that and they voted for him.
    I have spent fourteen years studying the border --- I live right on it --- and building a wall of concrete and rebar as high as 55 feet along the border is crazy. Congress would never let him build it, even if Mexico paid for it. And, as I explain here it is not necessary because there are better, cheaper ways to secure the border that don't cause such environmental havoc as building a wall.
    The time is rapidly approaching when Mr. Trump must get specific about his border plans.
    All I have to say is: Can we talk?
Who can match these achievements?
First use of drones on the border
Use of drones at night
Operation Virtual Vigilance --- citizens across the country watching the border
Operation BEEF mapped the border fence
Use of high tech border security system (SEIDARM)
Expose of DHS --- how it avoids accountability