Past Features

October 4, 2016

SEIDARM makes the news
Local, that is

KOLD-TV -- Tucson  
Arizona man creates technology to help secure border
You may not know what SEIDARM stands for. But Glenn Spencer does, he created the technology.
    Spencer had an idea for tracking activity along the border.
    He wanted to get an accurate count on the number of people crossing the border.
    So he created Seismic Detection and Ranging Mechanism or SEIDARM.
    Spencer started the process about 13 years ago.
    Just six years ago he had his first demonstration for a group of lawmakers.
    Fast forward six years and the technology continues to improve.

Glenn Spencer
Thanks local media --- shame on the networks
    Most of America has never heard of the border technology that was reported on by KOLD, but the people of southern Arizona have.
    Thirteen years ago, KVOA TV ran a report on my goal of counting everyone who crossed the border.
    Six years ago KVOA ran a story about my efforts to improve border surveillance and four years ago it ran a story about my new technology.
    In 2003, KGUN TV ran a story about my use of drones to patrol the border, and in 2004 it featured our night-flying UAV.
    In 2012 Cronkite News focused on what we were calling the "Sonic Barrier", which was also covered in the Sierra Vista Herald.
    CNN did visit me in 2012, but they turned down my suggestion that they report on my new technology --- and they were the only major news organization to show up at my ranch in the past eight years.
    I have been visited by TV crews from Germany (three times), Japan (twice), France, England, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark (twice), Norway, Italy, Qatar, Brazil, and Canada.
    The last major media coverage of my work came back in 2003 with a story about my drone.
    The border is a major issue in the present presidential campaign, so why won't the major media cover a story about a very real solution to the problem?