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October 8, 2016

Wikileaks Dump: Hillary Dreams
of 'Open Trade and Open Borders'

No wonder ABP is blacked out

Left: October 6, 2016: SEIDARM detects walkers at more than 500 feet from sensor line.
Right: Univision reporters watch drone land. Fernando Peinado is at the left.
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol   
A Fool's Errand?
This past Thursday I was visited by reporters from Univision. Besides seeing demonstrations of SEIDARM, (See these videos taken during the demonstration): Drone   ATV   Ground camera
    I explained how the people of Mexico should support the use of SEIDARM because it can supply proof that the border is secure --- and the American people want that proof before we address the issue of immigration reform. I have yet to see the Univision report.
    Last month I was visited by a reporter from the Christian Science Monitor. I explained to him how I thought the that DHS was actually trying to stop the use of my invention. I have yet to see his report.
    I have been visited by TV crews from Germany (three times), Japan (twice), France, England, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark (twice), Norway, Italy, Qatar, Brazil, and Canada.
    CNN came by ten years ago for an airplane ride and then smeared me with a lie: "And on the ground he chases anyone who looks Mexican."
    They came back four years ago, but just for another airplane ride --- they didn't want to talk about my invention.
    So far, CNN is the only U.S. TV network to report on what I do, albeit not very nice --- or well.
    Earlier this month a local TV station did run a report on my technology --- but as usual --- it all stopped in Tucson.
    For thirteen years I have worked to get border accountability. Silly me. I should have known this was a fool's errand because the globalist press and Hillary Clinton are not interested in border accountability --- because they don't want borders at all.
PS: We should vote for Hillary and open borders because ten years ago Donald Trump said something in a private conversation about women that he shouldn't have said.