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October 11, 2016

Using SEIDARM to undermine Trump
Danish TV producer outraged at misrepresentation in paper
See original Danish article

Trump supporter at the border: Wall to Mexico is superfluous
USA: Glenn Spencer has devoted a quarter century of his life to stop illegal immigrants. Now he has invented a system that makes Donald Trump's wall superfluous
Glenn Spencer   
Misrepresenting my technology -- and me
    On October 2, I hosted two news crews - one from a Danish newspaper and one from Univision, for a demonstration of SEIDARM, new technology for the border.
    I emphasized to both that SEIDARM was originally designed to provide an objective measure of border security.
    Now a reporter for the Danish newspaper reports that I said SEIDARM can make Trump's wall "superfluous" (Google translation)    
    When asked about Trump's wall, I told both organizations that, while I understand why Donald Trump uses the term wall for marketing purposes, his wall as described in the media was not practical, suggesting that he install "Obama's Wall" instead --- backing it up with SEIDARM to see if was working.
    I introduced the idea of "Obama's Wall" on September 14 and I have repeated this concept many times since. Why would I all of a sudden change my position and suggest that SEIDARM could replace physical border barriers?
    It doesn't make sense because it isn't true.
    Last evening I sent an email to the author of this story, Jorgen Ullerup, complaining that he misrepresented my position.
    This morning I got an email from Ullerup saying, "But you are right, we could have underlined more that you still want the double FENCE."
    I also spoke with the producer of a Danish documentary program who had planned to interview me this weekend. I had cancelled the interview citing the report by Ullerup.
    She told me she was as outraged as I over the misrepresentation. "We are coming to do a story about you because, while you support Trump, you don't necessarily agree with everything he says," she said.
    The interview is back on.