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October 15, 2016

Univision visits Spencer
Trump should consult with him

El ranchero que inventó un sistema para captar indocumentados a la espera del muro de Trump
    Glenn Spencer creó un sistema de sensores sísmicos, cámaras de seguridad y drones que ha instalado en su rancho colindante con México. Ahora espera que el candidato republicano gane la presidencia para blindar por completo la frontera.
Google Translation --- with limited editing by Glenn Spencer
The rancher who invented a system to capture undocumented immigrants awaiting the Trump wall
Glenn Spencer created a system of seismic sensors, security cameras and drones you installed on your adjoining ranch with Mexico. Now he expects the Republican candidate wins the presidency to shield completely the border.
    Hereford, Arizona -- Glenn Spencer receives Univision News at the door of his shop amid the vast estate of 104 acres border with Mexico. As if had much less 79, jumping nimbly from his quad bike road and after shaking firmly hand pointing his finger towards the neighboring country just a quarter mile away to make a historical observation: almost five centuries ago he crossed here northbound the Spanish conquistador Francisco Vasquez Coronado.
    Of course this happened when no one was undocumented immigrant or had been built the fence of steel pipes 18 feet that the border Patrol erected in 2008 on this stretch of the nearby border the San Pedro River valley.
    Apart from that barrier, the landscape of this rocky area of Sonoran desert has changed little more from the Coronado expedition. Near the fence, Spencer has installed three posters about 10 feet tall welcoming to undocumented immigrants crossing through this point the 2,000mile border: "Save the United States", "secure the border" "first! " and "God Bless America." [...]
    His hope is now placed in a victory of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Believes that SEIDARM would be the perfect the wall complement, but believes that Trump will not actually build a concrete wall.
    "It's fantastic marketing because people better visualize a wall [than] a fence, but [it] would not make sense. Those who know well the border security know it is not sensible block the vision of what happens the other side" says Spencer also.:
    Read Is it feasible to build a 2,000mile wall on the southern border?

"Go Trump"
    In August last year [Spencer] flew over the border with their ultralight with the message "Go Trump" (Let Trump) so that it was visible from Mexico. Spencer invited presidential candidates to his farm to make a show of SEIDARM but none came. Although the Trump campaign told initially Spencer that the adviser Dan Scavino would make a visit, in the end this did not happen.
    He believes that is because Trump wanted to distance [himself from Spencer] so not be affected by all the negative propaganda that exists on Spencer in internet. The Southern Poverty Law Center, a group that monitors hate messages, described Spencer as a "vitriolic Mexico knocker and self appointed guardian of the border"
    He believes he would be the perfect consultant for [the] Trump plan. "[I] do not think any of his advisers know [the] many nuances or has read all the literature as I have."