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October 16, 2016

Danes think SEIDARM will to the job -- Danish site
Left, Reporter Rasmus Tantholdt -- Right, Producer Sylvest and cameraman
Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report   
Elegant Solutions Exist
    I spent most of yesterday with a TV crew from Denmark, led by producer Dorthe Sylvest, and reporter Rasmus Tantholdt, a world-class professional.
    They were here to do a special in depth report on me, as part of a project to focus on the major issue in our presidential election --- the border being one of them. It will air in the evening in Denmark, but our polls will still be open.
    The more she learned about what I was doing, the more producer Sylvest was shocked that I was not a major story in US media. "This is very strange," she kept saying.
    One Danish newspaper even suggested my technology would make Trump's wall unnecessary.
    While I rejected this idea at first, as more and more people agreed with the Danish newspaper's assessment, I have begun to rethink this, and, with proper funding, SEIDARM might just do the job.
    Critics are right about Donald Trump's plan to build a concrete wall on the border, it is a bad approach --- better ways are available.
    For more than a year I have tried to get all presidential candidates to talk to me about border solutions, but none would. I can't even get my local congresswoman to visit or even talk to me --- and she is a Republican who runs the border subcommittee!
    As reported in Univision, Trump's organization had planned to visit my border ranch for a briefing but it never took place. I told Univision Trump probably feared a media assault if he were to do so.
    Dorthe Sylvest said of the media blackout of my work: "This is very strange". It is not strange, the mainstream media have succeed in frightening people away from me because they know I know how to solve the border problem - but they don't want it solved --- they would prefer pounding on Trump's wall --- while leaving the border open.
    It is a tragedy that Trump continues to push his concrete wall plan, when truly elegant solutions exist that would completely destroy his critics and make him a hero.
    In the end if he loses the election because people rejected his concrete wall plan, it won't be the mainstream media's lies that did Trump in --- it will be his fear of them.
PS -- At the end of the interview, both Sylvest and Tantholdt mused that SEIDARM might be just what Denmark needs to secure its border with Germany.