Past Features

October 17, 2016

The Martha McSally Story

Top: McSally visits the Ladd Ranch
Middle: Univision crew watches drone land // Bottom: Danish TV watches drone land
Glenn Spencer   
Stranger in a Strange Land
   This past Friday a TV crew flew from Denmark to interview me and see my new border technology. We spent Saturday together. On Sunday they flew back to Denmark.
    My local congresswoman, Rep. Martha McSally, chairs the subcommittee on the border, but she won't drive 20 miles to see what four people spent 20 hours in the air covering nearly 15,000 miles to see. Is Rep. McSally aware of what I am doing? Yes.
    Two months after she was elected in 2014, McSally headed up a large delegation of House members to tour the border from the vantage point of the Ladd Ranch.
    She was on a tour bus with Ladd riding along the border when she spotted a solar panel. "What's that?" McSally asked Ladd. "It's part of Glenn Spencer's sonar border security system," Ladd responded. "I know Glenn, does it work?" McSally asked. "Yes," Ladd responded. McSally was about six miles from my ranch when she road along the border with Ladd that January day.
    Since early 2015 I have trying to get Rep. McSally to come to my border ranch to see for herself that my system does work, but to no avail.
    I know she is very busy, but if a Danish TV crew of four can fly 7,000 miles --- one way --- to see this new border technology, I figured she would have found time in the last 20 months to drive 20 miles from her Sierra Visa office to take a look --- but she hasn't.
    Maybe she thinks she thinks she knows enough already, but Univision didn't think so, since they recently flew someone out from New York to take a look.
    I have been visited by TV news crews from Germany (three times), Japan (twice), France, England, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark (three times), Norway, Italy, Qatar, Brazil, and Canada, but only once by a US - based network (CNN and they didn't want to talk about my technology).
    When Dorthe Sylvest, producer for Danish TV, learned of the lack of US coverage of my work, she said to me, "Very strange."
    It is very strange --- and Martha McSally is a stranger in my strange land.