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October 18, 2016

Open Borders Axis

Glenn Spencer   
Well-founded fear of border accountability
Some say Rep. Martha McSally refuses to talk to me because I am accused of running a "hate group."
    But that didn't stop Univision --- and they ran a fair, if not glowing report, about their visit with me.
    My real specialty is operational control of the border and how to measure it --- or metrics.
    When she was chair of the House border subcommittee, Rep. Candice Miller agreed.
    "What I've said is that we need to concentrate on metrics. We've been focusing on resources but how do we measure success?"
    She was doing a great job when, suddenly, in mid-term, Speaker Paul Ryan replaced her with Rep. Martha McSally.
    Rep. McSally's singular achievement was the passage of the "Southwest Border Security Threat Act of 2016".
    Open borders people at DHS have long argued that their job is to stop people who are a "threat" to America.
This, presumably, doesn't include day laborers.
    Thus, instead of concentrating on metrics as Rep. Miller had done, McSally is focusing on "threats."
    Now it makes sense. Rep. McSally refuses to talk to me because she does not want real border accountability --- and neither does Speaker Ryan.
    She and Ryan want open borders, except for those who want to do harm to us. (And how do we know that unless we stop and interrogate them?)
    It has been said McSally and McCain are allies, which doesn't surprise me either since McCain is all in for open borders and amnesty.
    Martha McSally refuses to look at my technology because she, along with McCain, Ryan and the mainstream media, are afraid it would be used to truly secure the border.
    Their fears are well-founded.