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October 21, 2016

Can Trump get over his wall?
The Associated Press just handed him a ladder

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Glenn Spencer   
Time is running out
 In the last debate Donald Trump said:
"Hillary Clinton wanted the wall. Hillary Clinton fought for the wall in 2006 or thereabouts. Now, she never gets anything done, so naturally the wall wasn't built. But Hillary Clinton wanted the wall."
    Donald Trump wants to build a wall on the border --- but the "wall" Hillary voted for was a double fence. So, as far as Trump is concerned, a double fence can also be a "wall".
    Associated Press said the fence that Hillary voted for "...was built. Nearly 700 miles of fencing was put in place during President George W. Bush's second term and the beginning of President Barack Obama's first term."
    This is not true. The Secure Fence Act of 2006 called for a double fence. Only 36 miles of double fencing was "put in place."
    MIT Technology Review claims that Trump's wall would cost more than $30 billion.
   Mexico doesn't have that kind of money, and Congress would never allow such a wall to be built. There are lots of other reasons as well why a concrete wall up to 52-feet high is a bad idea.
    Trump's idea for a wall got the people cheering because they are totally frustrated. He has their attention, it now time to get their vote --- and it is becoming clear that people won't vote for a bad idea.
    I had suggested that Trump build "Obama's Wall".
    Let me change that --- Trump should build "Hillary's Wall", since they both voted for the Secure Fence Act.
    Trump should stand in front of what the Associated Press claims was "put in place" and say: "Instead of building Trump's Wall, I have decided to build Hillary's Wall --- but I will finish the job."
    His plan would be to finish building the remaining 664-miles of double fence, and add SEIDARM to make sure the entire border is secure. (As I suggested to Univision, Mexico might gladly pay for SEIDARM, rather than a fence.)
    Trump can turn a bad idea into an election-winning, politically and economically sound border security system --- but time is running out.