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October 22, 2016

Who says Hillary wants open borders?
The L.A. Times

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Glenn Spencer   
The public will not understand in time
    For years there has been a struggle between Congress and the Obama Administration over the definition of border security --- unreported by the mainstream media (are we surprised?). I first caught wind of it five years ago.
    Operational control is defined as the prevention of all unlawful entries into the United States.
    In a Feb. 15, 2011 House committee hearing, when asked about his definition of operational control of the border, Border Patrol Chief Fisher said: " I will say that part of our overall mission is to substantially increase the probability of apprehension of those people that seek to do harm to this country."
    Chief Fisher was spouting the Obama administration's position that we should not prevent all people from crossing our borders --- only those who present a threat.
    Sensing a real conflict here, in 2013, I gave a paper in Dallas that drilled down into the issue. I made it clear that the Department of Homeland Security (i.e., the Obama Administration) rejected the legal definition of operational control of the border --- the prevention of all unlawful entries --- in favor of a vague statement of policy involving threats to our nation.
    Now, near the end of the presidential campaign, the issue of defining border security has reached the surface. Assuming that very few people, say 3%, pose a violent threat to public safety, under Hillary's rule, 97% of "illegal" border crossers would be allowed to continue their journey into the U.S. This is an open borders policy if there ever was one.
    Be assured that the mainstream media will make sure that the voting public will not understand in time for the election that Hillary Clinton really stands for open borders.