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October 24, 2016

18 Major News Networks visit ABP
Only one from English-language U.S. TV

Glenn Spencer   
Working to keep the truth about the border from the American People
    Since it began testing a new border technology almost seven years ago, American Border Patrol has been visited by 18 TV news organizations --- but only one from a U.S. English-speaking network (CNN).
    If you can read Norwegian (or know how to get a Google translation), here is a print version of their recent visit.
    If you can understand Norwegian, watch this Sept. 15th broadcast.
    A major Danish Newspaper claimed this new technology makes Trump's Wall unnecessary.
    This story led to a Danish TV crew of 4 to visit ABP on October 15. The story will air in Denmark on November 8.
    In its comprehensive review of the border fence situation, the highly respected Christian Science Monitor reported the following:
   Arizona resident Glenn Spencer believes he has a solution that could be a game changer for the Border Patrol. Mr. Spencer is a longtime advocate for strict border enforcement. He runs a group called American Border Patrol from his 104-acre ranch on the US-Mexican border near the San Pedro River. [...]
    Drawing on his past experience running a seismic oil exploration technology company in Montana, Spencer says he has developed a system of ground sensors that does more than just detect the presence of people walking: It will pinpoint and track their location. He says the system can be connected to a low-cost drone with a camera that can immediately fly to the area and take video footage of the suspected intruders.     
    “To me this is the future of border security,” says Spencer, who along with his partners holds a patent on the technology. “It is a beautiful concept, and low cost.”
     The October 24, 2016, Christian Science cover page says: "It's one of the most incendiary issues of an incendiary campaign" .
    Clearly, border security is a major issue in the presidential campaign. American Border Patrol has been working on solutions to this problem for fourteen years and it believes it has found a way to finally solve the problem.
    Why are we so popular in Europe? Because the EU idea is failing and they are looking for ways to secure their borders.
    So why is the mainstream U.S. media (including almost every newspaper) blacking out American Border Patrol? For the same reason they are fighting so hard to defeat Donald Trump --- they are controlled by globalists who want to erase all borders. They are working to keep the truth about the border from the American people.