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October 31, 2016

Plan to Vote for Trump?
Caveat Emptor

Glenn Spencer   
Gird up your loins
    I plan to vote for Donald Trump for president, but I will do so understanding the implications of that vote.
    Donald Trump said he will secure the border and stop drugs from pouring across our border.
    As I reported several years ago, the Mexican drug war was set off when we started building the fencing called for in the Secure Fence Act of 2006.
    Completely cutting the flow of drugs will have an even greater effect, possibly leading to total anarchy in Mexico. Be prepared for this.
    Many like the New York Times argue that we cannot seal the border because of tunneling.
    This is complete nonsense. Given modest resources, I know how to stop all drugs from crossing the border within six months.
    Trump says he will work to end sanctuary cities and end the practice of granting automatic citizenship to the children of illegal aliens born in the U.S. Americans want this, and I believe it that a President Trump will make it happen, but not without major resistance, especially in California.
    On October 26, the Sacramento Bee reported this:
    Standing in front of a multicolored mural in Los Angeles, on which a historical sign urged “No A La Prop. 187,” U.S. Senate candidate Kamala Harris scanned the room and asked all of the immigrants --- or children of settlers to the United States --- to raise their hands.
    Harris, a self-described proud daughter of California born to immigrants from India and Jamaica, raised her right hand. Nearly every arm behind her went up.
    “Look around the room,” said Harris, the state attorney general. “This is who we are.”
    California became a Hispanic state when Proposition 187 was killed by an illegal act by the governor of California in concert with the president of Mexico.
    For legal reasons, the language of the statute created by 187 was on the books of California before it was illegally removed by Governor Jerry Brown and the state legislature in 2014.
    Under President Trump a federal lawsuit should be filed challenging the illegal acts that killed Proposition 187. If this lawsuit is successful, and I believe it would be, Proposition 187 would be considered by the Supreme Court which will no doubt find that America is not obligated to educate every child that illegal aliens drag across the border.
    For the past twenty-five years I have documented the treachery and treason that brought us to this point, and the mess the liberals have created for America. Donald Trump now stands ready to correct these wrongs, but be aware that this will be a real fight --- and not without casualties.
    America is worth saving, but gird up your loins, this is going to a battle of biblical proportions.