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November 2, 2016

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Leeping Leeper!
Engineering PhD reports on Spencer's technology

David Leeper -- Western Free Press   
Low-Cost Border-Monitoring Technology that Could Keep Our Politicians Honest
David Leeper holds a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania
    A technologist/entrepreneur who lives right on the Arizona border with Mexico has been perfecting a low-cost approach to tally the number of people who are walking across the border. As the debate over the immigration bill and its "triggers" intensifies, a technical approach like the one pioneered and championed by Glenn Spencer's Border Technology, Inc. is becoming ever more important. [...]
    Using low-cost seismic sensors and acoustic waveform/data analysis software, Glenn Spencer's technology can actually count the walkers as they approach and cross the border. Day or night, good weather and bad, 24/7, the system just keeps working. It also counts vehicles, distinguishes between humans and animals, and even detects aircraft. His system has its origins in the seismic technologies used for oil exploration, and it is a cousin to passive sonar technologies used by the Navy to detect submarines and ships at sea. [...]
    As Lord Kelvin famously said: "If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it." It follows that if one does not want something to improve, then one must avoid measuring it. This may explain why open-borders advocates and those wishing to exploit illegal entrants for cheap labor (or worse) have fought Glenn Spencer so fiercely, maligning and defaming him personally as a racist. It's a sign that he and his monitoring technology represent a significant threat to their own special-interest intentions.