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November 4, 2016

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features that were particularly good. This is from March 6, 2016.
New Congressional Border Leadership
Why is it so ill-informed?

Left: Rep. McSally visits border (five miles from American Border Patrol HQ) -- see photo of her tour group taken from ABP airplane flown by Glenn Spencer. // Right: Glenn Spencer explains how to measure border security.
Arizona Republic -- March 1, 2016  
Rep. Martha McSally questions border-security data
    Arizona Republican Rep. Martha McSally kicked off her leadership of a key House homeland-security subcommittee Tuesday by questioning the accuracy of federal government statistics on securing the southern border.
    McSally, taking over as chairwoman of the Border and Maritime Security Subcommittee of the House Homeland Security Committee, said Customs and Border Protection recently reported it was 81 percent effective on the Southwest border last year.
    “These new effectiveness numbers are hard to believe, and I believe are inaccurate measures of the state of security on the border,” McSally said.
    McSally noted that in the past few years the Department of Homeland Security has changed its measures of effectiveness --- starting in 2010 by reporting that it had operational control of 44 percent of the border, then switching to tracking the number of apprehensions.
    The problem with just counting apprehensions, she said, is there was no attempt to estimate how many people were successful in crossing the border illegally so it was impossible to assess what percentage was stopped.

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
The News: Why doesn't Rep. McSally know this?
    The Arizona Republic --- a newspaper --- is telling its readers that federal government statistics on border security are not accurate. Is this news? is this something we didn't know before Rep. McSally held a hearing?
    This is what I said on TV thirteen years ago: “We're going to come up with an evaluation of how well the Border Patrol is doing.
    And we did.
    American Border Patrol pioneered the use of ground sensors linked to drones to assess the border situation.
    Five years ago members of the Arizona legislature saw technology that can count everyone who crosses the border illegally.
    This technology has been greatly improved and now works with the new type of drone that can fly to a border intrusion automatically.
    Three years ago we exposed failures in a GAO report on the border.
    The author of that flawed report was a witness at the McSally hearing.
    If you search for the term “border count” --- you will find 493 stories I have posted.
    Three years ago I gave a paper at conference on border security --- What is Border Security and How Will We Know When We Have It? (GovSec West)
    This video has one thing to recommend it --- the truth.
    Rep. McSally says there is no attempt to estimate how many people were successfully crossing the border illegally.
    American Border Patrol been working for thirteen years on the problem of assessing border security. We have shown exactly how this can be done.
    The real news here is: Why doesn't Rep. McSally know this?