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November 5, 2016

Diane Rehm Show -- NPR -- November 4, 2016  
Ignatious: Obama's bet "Didn't turn out well"
     41:57 into the show...
    Diane Rehm: And here's a comment from our Web site, Turkey is moving step-by-step toward dictatorship.
   We've been allied with dictators in the past, but what do we do if Erdogan supports groups we consider terrorists?
    Or moves closer to Russia or starts a war against the Kurds in Northern Iraq?
    David Ignatious, Washington Post: Those questions are coming closer and closer, Turkey has been a close ally in the past....
    The degree of repression that Erdogan is now imposing in Turkey --- the arrest of journalists --- Cumhuriyetone --- one of the most respected newspapers in Turkey on Wednesday its editors were essentially arrested hundreds of journalists. [...]
    Erdogan was the Muslim leader who President Obama believed was the Muslim democrat. And President Obama saw him in the period of 2011-2012 as the way forward --- as the model as they way forward as a model of how you help the Muslim Middle East move toward democracy in which Islamist parties had a roll in government and Erdogan, leading of his Islamist party was an example of that. [...]
    This is one of the bets that President Obama made, you can understand why he made it --- but it didn't turn out well.

Turkey: The Latest Obama Foreign Policy Fiasco