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November 6, 2016

Europe prepares to defend against Obama's plans

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London Express News and Others   
ERDOGAN THREAT: Give Turkey VISAS BY CHRISTMAS or it will open EU borders to migrants
    Turkey has threatened to open its borders to thousands of migrants unless its citizens are granted EU visas by the end of December.
Austria: EU must prepare borders for end of Turkey migrant deal   
    Austria's defense minister has said the European Union's migrant deal with Turkey is dead. The EU must now prepare to strengthen its external borders, he added.
Glenn Spencer   
Obama's plan  
  Eight years ago I wrote that the election of Barack Obama as president would mean national suicide.
    I underestimated him. It may have meant the suicide of Western Civilization itself.
    Washington Post reporter David Ignatious said that Obama's support of Erdogan, "didn't turn out well."
    Au contraire --- I am convinced that it turned out just as Obama had hoped.
    Obama's backing of Erdogan was part of his plan to destroy Western Civilization.

Obama won't defend Western civilization
Barack Obama and the End of Western Civilization