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November 9, 2016

Trump Wins!
People vote for a secure nation

Glenn Spencer   
Rational border security
    As explained in the Washington Post, I flew an airplane along the border with "Go Trump" on the underside of the wing because the Trump campaign had promised to attend a demonstration of technology that can tell us how secure the border is.
    The Trump people changed plans at the last minute, but promised to visit in the future. They never did, and I fully understand why. When Al Melvin, an Arizona State Senator, suggested that the State of Arizona look at this technology, this is what KTVK, a local Phoenix station, had to say: "Lawmaker supports giving tax dollars to alleged hate leader."
    The only haters involved in this debate are the open-borders people --- they hate the idea of border accountability --- and that's what my technology was designed to provide.
    As they say, “When you're taking flak, you're right over the target.” The Trump campaign didn't need that flak.
    As President-elect Trump takes on the border security issue, I truly hope that he will take a business like approach - beginning with the establishment of a system to measure the degree of border security achieved by whatever means he may choose to do it --- fence, wall, etc.
    He also needs to drain the swamp called Customs and Border Protection. Over the years, CBP management have been carefully selected based on their "philosophy" of border security --- including avoiding accountability.
    The DC swamp is also inhabited by ossified organizations such as the MITRE Corporation and other "beltway bandits", that need some serious reform.
    With the campaign behind him, maybe Mr. Trump will feel safe from political "flak" and brave a trip to see what he missed last year --- technology designed to bring a rational approach to border security.