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November 15, 2016

Civil War II?

May 1, 2006 -- An army of white shirts marches in Los Angeles.
Glenn Spencer  
I saw it coming twenty years ago
Twenty four years ago I started a group called Voice of Citizens Together to look at the problem of illegal immigration in California. My co-founder was Shirley Lertzman, who was just retiring as a member of the Los Angeles County Grand Jury after a 17-year stint.
    We began holding monthly meetings and, as our membership grew, Shirley helped me gather information from the LA County Welfare Department, which I included in my monthly newsletter. Working with Dr. Meredith Burke, a demographer (and, like Shirley, Jewish), I concluded that we were importing poverty.
    To solve this problem, we worked with others to gather signatures to qualify Proposition 187 for the ballot, and, in 1994, it was passed overwhelmingly by voters.
    As election day neared, the reaction to 187 by the Mexican community in Los Angles was stunning, with more than 70,000 joining in a protest march.
    In January of 1995 a meeting was held by Hispanics at UC Riverside to decide their response to Proposition 187, during which California State Senator Art Torres said, "Remember, 187 is the last gasp of white America in California."
    As resistance to 187 grew it became clear to me that our problem with illegal immigration wasn't just economic --- it was a threat to our survival as a nation. VCT began running ads to warn America.
    I also produced a series of videos called "Immigration --- Threatening the Bonds of Our Union;" and "Conquest of Aztlan".
    On March 25, 2006, 700,000 marched on Los Angeles for "immigrants rights," most wearing while shirts.
    These white shirts began appearing all across America, including Waukegan in 2007, and in Arizona in 2011.
    At the time I asked, what do we call a large group of well-organized group of people with a purpose who wear a uniform? An army, I answered.
    Reporting in March of 2006, "Aztlan Arising: 700,000+ March in Los Angeles", La Voz de Aztlan said,  "The next and final steps would follow and that is to elect our own governors of all the states within Aztlan."
    Antonio Villaraigosa, the man who helped kill Proposition 187, is running for Governor of California.
    In 1994, I told a meeting of FAIR, "You won't know you're being invaded until you try to stop it."
    As a President Trump tries to stop the invasion, he will set off a sort of civil war.
    I saw it coming twenty years ago.