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November 24, 2016

Montezuma Monstrosity
This turkey is a sitting duck

New 160-foot camera tower system would be vulnerable to vandalism --- or worse.
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol   
Time to Rethink border security?
    My nearly three-week study of a proposed 160-foot camera tower in the Coronado National Monument has led me to conclude that this is a bad idea.
    I have produced evidence that supports the argument that the new camera will add little or nothing to our national security.
    And, as I looked more closely at the site itself, I realized that, sitting on a public parking that is oftentimes empty during the day, this multi-million dollar hardware could be vulnerable to vandalism --- or worse.
    The tower would mar views from an Arizona National Scenic Trail. Could this trail be used to launch an attack on the tower itself --- maybe by disgruntled hikers?
    It is likely that the Border Patrol will have to provide security for this system --- cutting the cost they save in eliminating the mobile camera system now in place.
    Now consider this --- It is possible to launch a drone from the parking lot --- or any other nearby location --- and fly right to up the cameras.
    This video shows it is possible to arm such a small drone with a weapon.
    With little money --- or training --- a small band of terrorists --- or members of a cartel --- could easily launch a drone attack on this --- or any U.S. Border Patrol camera tower. America's border could be blinded in minutes --- taking days to recover.
    It is time to rethink our entire border security strategy.