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November 25, 2016

Why Does California Want to Secede?
A Presidential Commission is needed to get the truth to Congress and the people

Forbes, Glenn Spencer   
Calexit Means American Taxpayers Won't Have To Bail Out California's Ticking Pension Time Bomb
    ....Prominent California liberals, including major donors, are so appalled by Donald Trump's election as president and the fact that he will have a Republican-controlled Congress to work with, that they are calling for California to secede from the union.
    The prospect of Calexit (also dubbed Caleavefornia or Califrexit, depending on your druthers), sounds far-fetched. Yet, it appears the effort could have the financial support necessary to put the question to voters on the 2018 ballot.
    Hyperloop co-founder and Uber investor Shervin Pishevar announced on election night, via Twitter, that he will help finance a Calexit Leave campaign, tweeting that he will support a “legitimate campaign for California to become its own nation.”

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
A California Commission
    In the coming months the administration of President-elect Donald Trump is going to have to deal with the "California Problem" --- especially Los Angeles and its sanctuary city policy --- the first in the nation.
    As the issue reaches the front pages of the Los Angeles Times New York Times, rest assured that the truth about California will not be told.
    They will not tell their readers that in 1994 the people of California voted for Proposition 187 to cut all funding for illegal aliens.
    They will not report that, after passage of 187, Mario Obledo, fresh with a new Presidential Medal of Freedom, said "California is going to be a Hispanic state and anyone who doesn't like it should leave."
    Responding to 187, Mexico passed a constitutional amendment to allow Mexicans who become U.S. citizens to retain their citizenship so they can "vote in the interest of Mexico."
    They will not remind them of the fact that Proposition 187 was killed illegally, upon which the Speaker of the California of the California Assembly appeared on the front page of the L.A. Times with the President of Mexico applauding this treasonous act.
    They will not tell their readers that the Los Angeles Times threatened to sue another newspaper if it ran a political ad about the Mexican threat.
    It is time Congress and the people were told the truth about California. In order to punch through the mainstream media lies, I recommend that the Trump Administration establish a Presidential Commission so the people will understand why the new president and Congress must take direct action to correct the situation - in California and elsewhere.
P.S.: If you have ideas on how we can promote the idea of a California Commission, please let me know: