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November 29, 2016

Who really developed SEIDARM?
The untold six-year story

The people behind SEIDARM --- Seismic Detection and Ranging Mechanism
Glenn Spencer   
The creation of something new --- for America
 With the Obama administration soon to be history, I feel free to reveal the truth behind SEIDARM, the border technology that mostly I have been linked to.
    Before now I was afraid to reveal the names of those who really developed this technological breakthrough. After all, anytime this concept reached the public, I was called a hate monger.
    Serious work for SEIDARM really began in 2010, when Mike King, Craig Walter and I met in Walter's seismic equipment warehouse near Flower Mound, Texas. Craig owned Basin Geophysical and had twenty years experience doing seismic work for oil companies.
    After some discussion we decided that the idea of using seismic technology to detect illegal border crossers, which I had been promoting for some time, was a good idea.
    After the meeting, I arranged to have some of Craig's hardware installed on my border ranch, and we began to experiment. It wasn't long before Mike King decided we needed a real expert in C++ programming, so I brought in Ran Talbott --- a nerd of the highest quality.
    Ran worked with the seismograph company to get the system working to the point that we realized we needed to make sense out of the seismic wiggles. After an exhaustive search, I found Gregg Voss, whose PhD is in digital signal processing. That's when the real magic began.
    A new video shows the history of SEIDARM, including the point where Crag Walters explains to members of the Arizona State Legislature back in 2010 that, during his twenty years of seismic exploration, he could tell if seismic wiggles were people, vehicles, aircraft --- or mules. "I could actually tell what was going on outside that room", Craig's explains. "What Mike [King] is proposing here is taking that wiggle trace and translating it to a digital signal and applying an algorithm to it..." Craig told the legislators.
    That is exactly what was done --- but it took six years to finish the job.
    If you want to see magic being created by creative people, watch this short 12-minute video.
    The creation of SEIDARM was a fun and rewarding experience, but it would be truly rewarding for all of those involved if SEIDARM was used for its intended purpose --- to protect America.