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December 15, 2016

The American Border Patrol Story...

New video traces work of border non-profit

Glenn Spencer --- American Border Patrol    
Will fourteen years of work on the border remain a "Top Secret"?
    On December 7, 2016, NHK, Japan's public broadcasting system, visited American Border Patrol. It was the third visit to ABP by NHK.
    While working with the NHK crew, I got a call from ABC News in New York inquiring into my work. Explaining that I was busy, the caller agreed to send a request by email.
    The NHK visit went extremely well. Later, I saw that from an email that the ABC News person is a very senior producer for abc2020. As requested, my email reply included links to Youtube videos of SEIDARM in action intercepting suspected drug smugglers.
    As this was the first official contact with ABC News I had in fourteen years, I was eager to respond.
    To help ABC News decide whether or not to do a story on American Border Patrol, using Final Cut Pro 10, I threw together a new video. I called it The American Border Patrol Story --- TOP SECRET. I used the term TOP SECRET to suggest the treatment of ABP by the mainstream media --- although I never explained myself in the video.
    This video is now available online here.
    The video is a survey of American Border Patrol's work since 2002, including major contributions by Mike King and Mike Christie who began working with me fourteen years ago --- and are still good friends. It also includes a report on the December 7th visit by NHK.
    Yesterday I sent a link to The American Border Patrol Story --- TOP SECRET video --- to the ABC2020 producer.
    Will ABC News break with other broadcasters and tell the American Border Patrol story --- or will it remain a "TOP SECRET"?
    We shall see.