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December 16, 2016

As Mexico comes apart - will America?
Learning the true cost of illegal immigration

Al Jazeera    
Mexico: Neither Pax Mafiosa, nor rule of law
The post-authoritarian political system in Mexico has become a violent symbiosis of organised crime and politics.
    Mexico is a nation with a heritage of cultural wonders and one of the main cradles of modern civilisation. Yet, despite its much acclaimed 20th-century social revolution, Mexico never developed socially inclusive checked-and-balanced democratic political institutions subject to even a minimum standard rule of law.
    Throughout its tortuous political and social history, the Mexican state was mostly led by presidents and governors promoting the looting of the Mexican people always linked to organised crimes. Today's political leaders are no exception.
The creation of a 'Pax Mafiosa'
    For many decades, organised crime in Mexico conducted its dirty business hand-in-hand with the most powerful political elites of an authoritarian one-party state ruled by the Institutional Revolutionary Party - or PRI, by its Spanish acronym, which, by the way, is the same party in power today.
    Within this political scenario, the one-party state operationally "managed" different organised crime networks with an iron fist in order to serve the PRI's political machinery and the economic enrichment of its members, all within a "Pax Mafiosa".
Glenn Spencer -- Opinion    
Trump's challenge --- avoiding violence while avoiding "assimmolation"  
    The liberal power structure, originally led by the Los Angeles Times --- and later joined with gusto by Barack Obama --- fought to encourage millions of illegal Mexicans --- and later Central Amercans - to flood into California and Texas - then across America - betting that it would all turn out well as the new "immigrants" assimilated into a New American Culture --- the North American Union. They were also betting that under Hillary Clinton this new cultural transformation would eventually be in a position to overwhelm any attempt to reverse it.
    What is playing out now is nothing more than mass panic on the part of liberals as Trump threatens to enforce our immigration laws before the overwhelming transformation was ready. They know that If he tries, violence could well erupt across America. Americans understand that if he doesn't, violence will probably erupt eventually - but it will be more widespread --- and the outcome will not favor the continuation of America as a sovereign nation.
    Self-immolation is the practice of sacrificing oneself. Instead of assimilation, unless we act now, we are going to face what I call assimmolation - the self-sacrifice of America by the attempted illegal assimilation on a mass scale of a foreign culture that is well known for corruption and violence.
    The coming battle over sanctuary cities may be acted out in an ever-increasing violent manner as we resist being sacrificed on the alter of globalism.
    It will take all the wisdom that Trump can muster to avoid this violence while doing his job to enforce our laws.