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December 17, 2016

Latin America -- a sober assessment
Group sees real trouble ahead

Glenn Spencer    
President Trump --- not a moment too soon
    Last night I spent two hours listening to a collection of experts talking about the Latin America Security Outlook. I highly recommend everyone watch this video.
    I haven't had time so prepare a full report, but consider this fact: State Department warns U.S. citizens against remaining in Venezuela.
   Consider Trump's choice for Secretary of State: "But under Tillerson, ExxonMobil has walked away from other countries. It left Venezuela after contract disputes with the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez" (L.A. Times)
    And, consider Trump's choice for Secretary of Homeland Security:
"The former head of US Southern Command, Kelly was previously responsible for managing security threats posed by criminal drug networks based in South and Central America --- an issue that Trump highlighted in his campaign, and to which Kelly would bring unique experience. " ---(CNN)
    We have a stellar team to deal with the looming Latin American problems.