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December 19, 2016

Border Technology Review...
McSally Mistakes

A critical look at Border Subcommittee May 24th hearing

Left to right, Chairwoman McSally, BP Acting Chief Vitiello, GAO's Ms Gambler
Glenn Spencer    
McSally Mistakes - Part I
    My criticism of the government's failure to secure the border has been equally aimed at Democrats and Republicans. This includes George W. Bush, Barack Obama and my own congressional representative Rep. Martha McSally. I have praised some, including McSally's predecessor Democrat Rep. Ron Barber.
    This past week I took a close look at the video of a hearing held last May by Chairwoman McSally's Homeland Security subcommittee, I was so stunned at the amount of disinformation I decided to take the time to produce a series of Youtube videos to focus on these issues.
    I call the series McSally Mistakes as it looks at mistakes in the hearing in total.
    Here is Part I.
    Part II is even better.