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December 20, 2016

Border Technology Review...
McSally Mistakes

A critical look at Border Subcommittee May 24th hearing

Left to right, Chairwoman McSally, BP Acting Chief Vitiello, GAO's Ms Gambler
Glenn Spencer    
McSally Mistakes - Part II
    Yesterday I took a look at a hearing held last May by Chairwoman McSally's Homeland Security Subcommittee.
    In Part II of my analysis I expose Chairman McSally's ignorance of U.S. Border Patrol technological capabilities --- especially her understanding of how 'situational awareness' is determined by the use of ground sensors and Predator B drones.
    I also reveal the reluctance of Acting Border Patrol Chief Vitiello to define the term operational control of the border --- something the Chairwoman campaigned on.
    Here is Part II.
   Part III is even better.