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December 21, 2016

Border Technology Review...
McSally Mistakes

A critical look at Border Subcommittee May 24th hearing

Glenn Spencer    
McSally Mistakes - Part III
    In the past two days I have taken a look at a hearing held last May by Chairwoman McSally's Homeland Security Subcommittee.
Dec. 19
Dec. 20
    In Part III I look at the issue of the detection of low flying --- very light and ultra light --- aircraft -- and the use of drones.
    You will learn that, after being shown a solution to the ultralight problem, CBP Commissioner Borkowski ignored it and went on to spend millions of dollars on a failed system. You will also learn how then Rep. McSally refused to drive 20 miles to see that same system in operation.
    Witnesses at the hearing will testify that air traffic control problems limit the use of the Predator drone. You will see how the "Identicopter" solves that problem.
    Here is Part III .
    Part IV --- coming tomorrow --- is even better.