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December 22, 2016

Border Technology Review...
McSally Mistakes

A critical look at Border Subcommittee May 24th hearing

Left, Chairwoman Martha McSally -- Right, Acting U.S. Border Patrol Chief Vitiello
Note: There is a new Chief
Glenn Spencer    
McSally Mistakes --- Part IV
    In the past three days I have taken a look at a hearing held last May by Chairwoman McSally's Homeland Security Subcommittee.
Part I - Dec. 19
Part II - Dec. 20
Part III - Dec. 21
    In Part IV I look at the issue of the C GAP --- a multi-million dollar program run by Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab that is best described as paralysis by analysis. The money comes from the same CBP office that brought us so many failed border technology systems.

   C GAP is just another attempt by Mark Borkowski to divert attention away from the real mission of CBP --- operational control of the border.
    Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab should be ashamed for allowing itself to be seduced by bureaucrats
Here is Part IV  
    A summary of this series will be run on Tuesday, December 27.