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December 26, 2016

The Next Step --- Mop the
floor, or fix the roof?

National Review votes for the mop

National Review
Why Building the Wall Should Not Be Trump's No. 1 Immigration Priority
Mandating E-Verify and ending visa overstays will do more good, more quickly.
    EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article first appeared in the December 19, 2016, issue of National Review. Ironically, Donald Trump’s marquee immigration proposal --- a border wall, which Mexico will pay for --- is the part of his immigration platform least likely to make much difference. This is not to say it’s infeasible or even ill advised. Only about one-third of the border with Mexico has any kind of fencing, and half of that consists merely of low-rise vehicle barriers intended to stop truck traffic; anyone can easily climb over or under them (as I myself have done on many occasions). And the president doesn’t need further authorization from Congress to build a physical barrier, although he would eventually need additional funding.
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
Securing the Southern Border Should be Trump's No. 1 Immigration Priority
    Mark Krikorian makes some very sensible arguments for dealing with illegal immigration. He properly says that, upon taking the oath of office, President Trump should end Obama's catch and release policy that allows thousands of illegal aliens to go free. That should take about five minutes, but finding the space to house all those people will not be easy. Best to stop them first.
    He says, "...the president doesn’t need further authorization from Congress to build a physical barrier...". I have said so many times, but that still leaves more than 800 miles more-or-less open.
    Krikorian says we must make nationwide use of E-Verify mandatory. That will be up to Congress, but doing it should be rather straightforward.
    In the meantime, America's $2 trillion underground economy is expected to grow as E-Verify is implemented.
    To stop visa overstays, Krikorian says we need an exit tracking system, and goes on to say that "Congress first mandated a such a system in 1996," and "No new law is needed --- only consistent attention and pressure from the White House, Congress, and outside groups." Donald Trump will be a different president from Clinton, Bush or Obama --- and pressure will be felt by everyone involved without a word being uttered.
    Krikorian also lists cancelling Obama's edicts; reigning in sanctuary cities; pressuring countries to take back their own citizens when deported; ending tax subsidies that effectively pay illegal aliens to stay here; and more.
    Almost everything Krikorian is calling for is already on the books and merely lacks political will. America elected the political will.
    According to Forbes, overdose deaths from heroin jumped from 3,000 in 2010 to 10,000 in 2014.
    Politifact --- "Trump is right: Heroin is coming in through southern border"
    A person who is stopped from crossing the border does not take a job, or U.S. tax money or commit a crime - including bringing in Heroin.
    A physical barrier provides a sure-fire solution that can be shown to work, if President Donald Trump chooses to do so.
    The highest immigration priority should be to quickly install a system that can detect and count everyone who crosses our border illegally between ports of entry. This can be done while starting the 700-mile double-layered fence, with little or no environmental impact. Such a system will tell us where additional fencing or other infrastructure is needed, and will immediately make all existing border technology work better.
    Securing our southern border should be President Trump's No. 1 immigration policy.