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December 27, 2016

Time Wounds All Heels
Who was right -- Cecilia Munoz or Glenn Spencer?

Upper left: Cecilia Munoz; Upper right: Glenn Spencer in 2001
Lower: Day laborers in Farmingville, New York

Associated Press
Suffolk County reverses policy, will hold wanted immigrants
   RIVERHEAD, N.Y. (AP) - A county sheriff on Long Island will no longer seek a judge’s order before detaining inmates charged with crimes that are wanted by federal agents for deportation.
    Newsday reports the policy reversal by Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco distances the region from so-called “sanctuary cities.”
    Local police in specially designated sanctuary cities do not investigate or report a person’s immigrant status to federal authorities unless they have a convincing reason.
    DeMarco says his decision is purely based on legal analysis and not politics. The sheriff stopped holding immigrants wanted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in September 2014.
    Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone called DeMarco’s limited, 48-hour detainer “a step in the right direction.”
    County Police Commissioner Timothy Sini said his department also would honor an administrative warrant.

Glenn Spencer
Who was right - Cecilia Munoz or Spencer?
    Sixteen years ago, October 14, 2000, I spoke before a citizens group in Farmingville, New York, about illegal immigration. Farmingville was facing a problem with day laborers who were increasingly aggressive toward American citizens.
    At the time I had a Sunday radio show that aired nationwide on nine AM stations. This is the Web site for the October 15, 2000, show.
    One year later, August 5, 2001, I was joined by others for an event: "A Day of Truth in Farmingville."
    Four years after that, Suffolk County took action to end the problem of illegal workers.
    Now Suffolk County has taken steps to support President-elect Donald Trump.
Cecilia Munoz
    Sixteen years ago, before I could even speak, I was attacked by Cecilia Munoz of the National Council of La Raza - now Barack Obama's Director of National Policy.
Newsday, October 13, 2000
     Cecilia Munoz, vice president for policy at the National Council of La Raza in Washington, D.C., a Latino civil rights group, said Spencer's organization is a "hate group" that has promoted vigilantism.
    Calling the organization "horrifying," she said its "presence in your community should cause great concern for basic rights and basic safety. It's straight up politics of hate and Long Island doesn't need that."
    Today, thanks in part to my efforts, Suffolk County is on the side of the law --- and America is facing the serious threat of tens of thousands of criminal illegal aliens brought to us through the efforts of Cecilia Munoz.
   Who was right --- Cecilia Munoz or Spencer?