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December 31, 2016

California - the Hispanic State
If they asked me, I could write a book

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Glenn Spencer    
    I was born in California. I went to Hollywood High, graduated from Cal State Northridge (Economics/Mathematics), and did graduate work at UCLA. I loved California --- the golden state. Then things began to change.
    In January, 1992, Shirley Lertzman and I formed a group called Voice of Citizens Together (VCT) to work on the problem of illegal immigration. Shirley was just retiring after 17 years on the Los Angeles County Grand Jury.
    I decided to retire and spend full-time on the problem. That was 25 years ago.
    VCT's primary focus was educational. We held monthly meetings, hosting speakers such as Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich, and Jack Miles, the author of “Blacks vs. Browns: Immigration and the New American Dilemma,” that appeared in the October, 1992, issue of the Atlantic Monthly.
    Our work focused on economics and demographics. Shirley Lertzman helped me gather data from the L.A. County Welfare Department, and I worked with Dr. B. Meredith Burke, demographer, to understand how the population of California was changing.
    I was a regular on the overnight Ray Briem Show on KABC, and on George Putnam's daytime show.
    I began publishing a monthly newsletter in early 1992. The headline of my September, 1992, issue was "L.A. County's No. 1 Import: Poverty".
    From the very outset I began documenting all that I could for the historic record. Using high-quality S-VHS recorders I amassed a huge library of tapes - most carrying more than one TV story. My Web page data --- with the same ISP --- dates back twenty years.
    I plan to continue my work until I can see that President Trump is on the right road. After that, I plan to retire and write a book about how California became a Hispanic state. No one can match my experience - or my documentation as to what happened --- and who was behind it.
PS: Many of the people I worked closely with are no longer with us, including: Shirley Lertzman, Dr. B. Meredith Burke, Bill king, Harold Ezell, Barbara Coe, Terry Anderson, and Judge Robert Lynch. They were all real patriots. My book will be dedicated to them.