Past Features

April 22, 2017

The real drug smuggling problem
is in Washington D.C.

Vox -- April 19, 2017
Trump's wall won't stop heroin from coming into the US
  ....A wall alone cannot stop the flow of drugs into the United States,” Christopher Wilson, deputy director of the Mexico Institute at the Wilson Center, told me. “If we're talking about a broader increase in border security, there could be some --- probably minor --- implications for the overall numbers of drugs being trafficked. But history shows us that border enforcement has been much more effective at changing the when and where of drugs being brought into the United States rather than the overall amount of drugs being brought into the United States.”
    A wall, then, might get traffickers to rely more on legal ports of entry. Others may adapt new tactics and tools to get around tougher border security measures. But it won't get them to stop trafficking altogether.
    “An increase in border security could lead to greater use of technology,” Wilson said, “whether that's a catapult, ultralight, or tunnel technology.”

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- April 22, 2017
We can stop drugs at the border -- just stop Borkowski
   If securing the border cannot affect drug smuggling, then why did new fencing installed by the Secure Fence Act of 2006 set off the Mexican drug war?
    Sure, the cartels found ways around the existing fencing --- which wasn't hard since there were still so many holes --- and they did move to other means, as Wilson of the Mexico Institute argues, but we can stop that activity as well.
    In August of 2013, I briefed Mark Borkowski, the head of CBP Technology Innovation and Acquisition, on technology that would detect ultralight aircraft and tunneling, but he wasn't interested. It turns out he was very busy pushing a huge project called Integrated Fixed Towers to install camera towers all along the border, and my technology didn't fit within those plans - in fact, I think it threatened those plans. (This 2012 report completely debunked the IFT idea.)
    The Trump Administration is beginning to see some of Borkowski's handiwork with the Coronado Tower debacle. Technology exists to stop drugs at the border, but first we must stop Mark Borkowski from wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on useless schemes.