Past Features

January 1, 2017

Photo of the Year
It says it all

Mexican vaqeuro (cowboy) repairs fence on the Arizona-Mexico border.
(Photo by Glenn Spencer)
Glenn Spencer --- American Border Patrol (a non-governmental agency)    
Our government is not serious about securing the border
   He was acting in his own self-interest. This Mexican cowboy was most likely losing cows that wandered across the border because someone cut the fence (how else would it get cut?) --- so he repaired it. Why else would he be repairing it? To protect America? Not likely.
    The fence is actually inside the United States, within the Roosevelt Reservation --- 60-feet of land set aside to fight smuggling.
    It is adjacent to the Coronado National Forest.
    Did the U.S. Border Patrol repair the fence? Did the Forest Service repair the fence? Not on November 11, 2016 --- it was a Mexican vaquero.
    There is little doubt that the fence was cut by people to make is easier to cross the border. Once the fence was cut, it was a simple matter to step over --- or duck under --- the railroad rail that our government installed to protect us --- and the nearby headquarters of Army Intelligence.
    But never fear, our DHS is getting ready to install a huge new camera tower to defend this area --- we called it the Montezuma Monstrosity.
    This photo says it all: Our government, as presently constituted, is not serious about securing the border.