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January 8, 2017

Mexican Attacks Trump
Called on Mexicans in U.S. to support Mexico

Vicente Fox Trolls Trump on Twitter: ‘Are You a Legitimate President?’
    Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox took to Twitter on Friday to question the legitimacy of President-elect Donald Trump's election win.
Sr. Trump, the intelligence report is devastating. Losing election by more than 3M votes and in addition this. Are you a legitimate president?
    The Tweet comes after a declassified report on Russian interference into the U.S. election was made public.
    According to officials, Russia did try to influence the election, but there was no tampering with voting machines and the outcome of the election was not impacted.
    Fox, who has blasted Trump's campaign for months, took to Twitter on both Thursday and Friday to criticize the wall that Trump plans to build along the southern border to curb illegal immigration.

Glenn Spencer
Stopping the Conquest of Aztlan
    Then Mexican President Vicente Fox once told La Opinion that he had instructed the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations to work through Mexican consulates to work with "Our countrymen" to defend the interests of the nation (Mexico) in that forceful border region."
    The idea of using Mexicans to work against American interests started in 1995 with Jorge Bustamante's, "How to fight against the Wilsons", in which he proposed dual citizenship so that Mexicans can vote against people like California's Gov. Pete Wilson who supported Proposition 187.
    After the 1996 passage of a new U.S. immigration law, Mexican President Zedillo said, "We will not tolerate foreign forces dictating and enacting laws on Mexicans".
    One year later, Zedillo appeared at a 1997 Chicago meeting of the National Council of La Raza to announce the passage of a constitutional amendment allowing Mexican to retain their Mexican citizenship if they become U.S. citizens.
    I was interviewed by the NY Times for this 1998 story on Mexican dual citizenship.
Here is the material I had given the reporter.
    In 1999, Zedillo joined with Gov. Gray Davis to kill Proposition 187 --- a deal reported by the Los Angeles Times.
    I documented all of this in a 1999 video I called "Conquest of Aztlan".
    And the 3 million "American" votes that Vicente Fox points to that gave Hillary the popular edge? --- they all came from California --- a place Mario Obledo called a Hispanic state --- made so by those who support Mexico.
    Former Mexican President Fox is attacking President-elect Trump because Trump is not being fooled and will put a stop to the Mexican Conquest of "Aztlan."