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January 14, 2017

Wall vs. Fence
The argument heats up

Gen. John Kelly and Rep. Steve King with model of border wall.
The Hill   
GOP rep shows off model of Mexico border wall  
    Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), a conservative hard-liner and immigration hawk, cheered on elect Donald Trump's pick for Homeland Security, Gen. John Kelly, tweeting a photo with him in front of a scale model of a proposed border wall with Mexico.

Trump team discussing border wall with Army Corps, Interior Department
   President-elect Donald Trump's transition team is engaged in active discussions with the US Army Corps of Engineers and Interior Department to begin planning a wall along the Mexican border, including how specific environmental laws could get in the way, CNN has learned. [...]
    "If they really try to build a wall, without regard for environmental laws and without environmental impact statements, the effect of a border wall would be more catastrophic than a border fence," she said.
    A wall would prevent water from flowing across the Mexican border, and there is also wildlife that migrates across the border, including the endangered ocelot, also known as a dwarf leopard, located in south Texas and northern Mexico, she said.

Glenn Spencer
I prefer fencing
   Three times a day I drive along border road next to a 18-ft-high steel fence. I regularly watch as rabbits hop through the openings.
    There are numbers atop the fence that show where washes cross the border. People hide in these washes.
   During the monsoon season I watch as water in these washes flows through the same fence openings.
    Even with these openings, just east of my ranch one wash needed a movable gate that is raised during the monsoon season to allow water to flow. A wall would necessitate massive flood control systems.
    For many reasons, I prefer fencing over a solid border wall.