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January 15, 2017

The Wall to Nowhere?
Not for the great escape artist

Left: Trump as Harry Houdini // Right: Cartoon of Trump wall from
Business Insider   
Trump's $25 billion wall would be nearly impossible to build, according to architects
 A substantial part of Trump's campaign focused on "the wall" and a deportation-centric, closed immigration policy. But now that he has won the election, it's still uncertain how anyone will actually build the 1,954-mile-long border wall.
    Business Insider consulted a few architects to get some perspective on this question. They say the project would be nearly impossible (or, at the very least, unrealistic and a drain on US resources). Here are their reasons.

Glenn Spencer   
He will find a way
    There are many reasons not to build a solid wall on the border. Here are some.
    A solid wall would block views of the other side, making these situations possible:
  1. Drug cartels could launch attacks (rocks, Molotov cocktails, etc.) over the wall catching the Border Patrol unaware;
    2. Mexican gangsters could build scaffolding along the south side of the wall --- or use ladders --- without our knowledge --- and then --- suddenly:
Shoot at the Border Patrol
Climb down using ropes
Drop loads of drugs to awaiting mules, etc.;
    3. Border Patrol cameras could not see vehicles moving along the border - even with night vision cameras;
    4. Hundreds of terrorists could gather at one spot for a mass crossing;
    5. and so on --- and so on.
    A solid wall would block the movement of water that can flow through fencing.
    Without massive, costly flood control systems, monsoon rains would quickly create "Lake Arizona" behind Trump's wall.
    President-elect Donald Trump is a builder --- and he is very smart. He must know that building a solid wall along the border is not the way to go. The question is: How will be get out of this one?
    The answer is: He will find a way.
PS --- I haven't read where President-elect Trump is proposing a double wall. Maybe he is thinking of a wall, then a fence. That might help some, but it could trap the Border Patrol in the middle space - making things worse.