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January 19, 2017

Gird (up) one's loins
prepare and strengthen oneself for what is to come.
Synonyms: prepare, get ready, gear up; nerve, steel,
galvanize, brace, fortify

Gang of Eight Introduce DACA Amnesty Bill
Glenn Spencer
Gird up your loins
     America came close to finding itself in the dust bin of history. Had Hillary Clinton been elected president, can you imagine what would happen if another Trump-like candidate was elected in 2020? We wouldn't just see many members of the House of Representatives protesting the election of a president - there would have been an outright civil war.
    Hillary Clinton's three million vote edge came from California --- the Hispanic State.
    Twenty years ago Mexico passed a constitutional amendment that allows Mexicans to have dual citizenship. They did this to encourage Mexicans to become U.S. citizens so they can vote "in the interest of Mexico" --- and they did. Eighty percent of California Hispanics (read Mexicans) voted for Hillary.
    Much of what has happened in California for the past twenty-five years has gone unreported.
    For example, how many know that the lawyer who won the Supreme Court cased that required all U.S. schools to educate illegal aliens, engineered the illegal killing of a measure passed by the people of California to overturn that decision?
    Did the media remind Americans that the Chairman of the 2012 Democrat National Convention joined with the president of Mexico to defy the citizens of California?
    And, while CIA Director Brennan was wringing his hands over a Russian prank, Mexico was working to influence our election away from Donald Trump.
    Before he was elected the first time, I warned that Barack Obama represented a real threat to America.
    I was right. Under the direction of Cecilia Munoz, former officer of the National Council of La Raza and Obama's Director of Domestic Policy, our immigration laws were subverted to every extent possible --- being stopped only by a lawsuit by 26 states.
    For eight years, Barack Obama did everything he could to subvert our immigration laws and change America forever. Now America is fighting back --- and fight it must.
    As one who has fought this subversion for twenty-five years, I can attest that we patriots are in the battle of our lives --- so gird up your loins.