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January 23, 2017

Operational Control of the Border
"The prevention of all (but 400,000) illegal
entries into the United States"

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ABC News -- January 23
Trump's Border Wall a Waste of Time and Money, Retiring Border Chief Says
   Donald Trump's most consistent campaign promise -- to build a wall on the United States' southern border to keep immigrants out -- will be a waste of time and money, the former head of the Customs and Border Protection agency told ABC News in a final warning just days before leaving office.
    “I think that anyone who's been familiar with the southwest border and the terrain... kind of recognizes that building a wall along the entire southwest border is probably not going to work,” Gil Kerlikowske, commissioner of CBP during the Obama Administration, said shortly before leaving office last Friday.... [...]
    “When we look at the cost –– and we have about 600 miles of fencing now --- we look at the maintenance and the upkeep, we know how incredibly difficult it is,” he said. [...]
   “But, if we say, ‘you know, what is secure border?' I think definition is in the eye of beholder,” he said.
    “Does it mean nobody get in ever? Does it mean 400,000 is too many, but 1.6 million compared to 1.6 million?”
    “I think you have to put it into context,” he said. “But it is a safer place today.”

Glenn Spencer
Reforming Renegade DHS will not be easy
 What could be simpler? Congress declared that the job of the Department of Homeland Security was to establish operational control of the border. It even gave a definition of operational control - "The prevention of all unlawful entries into the United States..."
   Now, the outgoing head of Customs and Border Protection admits that his view of the law is such that allowing 400,000 people to cross the border illegally is entirely acceptable. He even taught his entire organization to think this way.
    By refusing to adhered to the rule of law, DHS has for years been a renegade organization. A Google search finds these synonyms of the adjective renegade: treacherous, traitorous, disloyal, rebel, mutinous.
    This treacherous, traitorous, disloyal, rebel, and mutinous attitude and behavior has been taught to every level within the bowels of Customs and Border Protection, and its parent organization --- DHS.
    General Kelly, newly named Secretary of Homeland Security, is now facing the job of turning DHS and CBP into organizations that truly protect America.
    Reforming these renegade organizations will not be easy.