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February 1, 2017

McSally criticized Borkowski
People who live in glass houses...

House Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security Hearing --- May 24, 2016
ABP --- February 1
Border Security Gadgets, Gizmos, and Information: Using Technology to Increase Situational Awareness and Operational Control
Chairwoman McSally's opening statement....
    CBP's border technology procurement efforts, to put it mildly, have a checkered history of not delivering timely acquisitions that include more failures than successes, including the Secure Border Initiative, Coastal Interceptor Vessel, Ultralight Aircraft Detection, and the Mobile Surveillance Capability, which have all become synonymous with a deeply troubled acquisition process. These procurements have run over budget, behind schedule, been subject to litigation, and wasted a good deal of taxpayer dollars to boot. In this time of limited budgets, we cannot afford to waste a billion dollars on a failed system to learn what not to do.
    Our agents and officers in the field desperately need the capabilities they have asked for to do the job, but on the whole, I do not believe that CBP's Office of Technology and Acquisition or (O-T-I-A) has delivered.

Glenn Spencer -- Opinion
How can she tell?
    Chairwoman McSally said CBP’s Office of Technology and Acquisition has not delivered --- but neither has she.
    Our border security technology systems fail because their performance is not measured in terms of their ability to do the job of DHS --- operational control of the border, i.e., "prevent all unlawful entries".
    Throughout her hearing no real attempt was made to raise the issue of operational control of the border, which she promised to do as a candidate for reelection --- and which is in the title of the hearing.
    Chairwoman McSally said: "But as far as I can tell, the only procurement that is working well and on budget is the Integrated Fixed Tower program, located principally in my district..."
    How far can she tell that the Integrated Fixed Tower program is working well?
    Not very far.