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February 2, 2017

Ready for action --- but unknown

Two men spotted by SEIDARM just north of the Mexico border -- Feb. 1, 2017
American Border Patrol --- February 2
Mainstream media "criminals"
    Yesterday American Border Patrol --- "America's Eyes on the Border" --- completed a successful test of SEIDARM - Seismic Detection and Ranging Mechanism --- detecting two "suspects" heading north from the Mexican border.
    SEIDARM detected the "suspects" more than five hundred feet from its sensors --- and tracked them as they crossed the "border".
   The "suspects" worked for ABP and they were detected on its test range on the Mexican border in Arizona.
    This three-minute video, was taken on ABP's border test range yesterday, and shows exactly where the "suspects" were detected and how SEIDARM tracked them.
    ABP has been testing this technology for more than six years. Last year it deployed SEIDARM in the field and aided the U.S. Border Patrol in the apprehension of suspected drug smugglers.
    Glenn Spencer, head of ABP, says he thinks the American people would like to see this technology used to protect them if they knew about it - but they don't. "The blackout by the mainstream media of this important security system that could help stop the drugs and the drug epidemic is criminal," Spencer said.
SEIDARM sends drone to intercept
    Watch as a drone is sent to find "suspect".