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February 3, 2017

Trump's border wall plans
Getting down to brass tacks

How Sen. Hutchinson gutted the Secure Fence Act. -- This amendment is still part of the law Pres. Trump will use to build his wall. (Notice the pesky term operational control.) --- January 30
Bill Clinton Mexico Border Barriers and George W. Bush Secure Fence Act, supported by Obama and Hillary, predate Trump's wall by decades
    Donald Trump is far from the first president to advocate a physical barrier with Mexico. Both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, with the Border Fence Act, undertook such projects during their respective presidencies, and both won the support of many key Democrats --- including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. As of now, nearly 700 miles of such fencing already exist along the U.S. border with Mexico. [This is what the fence looks like].
    While several local-level attempts to strengthen borders have taken place since the early 1900s, the federal government first took charge of the issue in 1993 with Bill at the helm. Clinton signed off on Operation Safeguard in Arizona and Operation Hold the Line in Texas....
    After approval, the George W. Bush fence with Mexico continued under the presidency of Barack Obama. In 2011, the Democratic president claimed that the Border Fence Act had reached completion, but Politifact rated the statement as “mostly false.” The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had later asked to modify the mandate for double fencing to include other less imposing structures in places it deemed less threatening along the border.

Glenn Spencer
Trust but verify
    Despite what says, the construction of fencing along the Mexican border happened only after Muriel Watson lined 1500 cars up along the border near San Diego. After dark, the headlights of these cars did what Muriel set out to do "Light up the border." (L.A. Times story from 1990).
    In Texas, Operation Hold the Line was the result of the initiative of El Paso Sector Chief Sylvester Reyes.
    As shown in this video, I interviewed Muriel Watson seventeen years ago to get the straight story. Muriel Watson built the San Diego fence --- not Bill Clinton.
    It was this interview that led me to form American Border Patrol two years later in 2002. As I suggested to Muriel during the interview, I was going to 'light up the border" using the Internet.
    I like think that our work using the Internet to expose Arizona's open border led in part to the Secure Fence Act of 2006.
    I also like to think that our Operation B.E.E.F. that proved that the government was once again lying about the border, helped stop the 2007 amnesty bill.
    I have been involved in the border issue for more than twenty years and, despite their truly sincere motives, President Trump and General Kelly are surrounded by hundreds of bureaucrats, some of whom were taught to keep the border as open as possible.
    I trust President Trump and General Kelly, but we must work to verify that the job is being done.